Shop is Closed!

The window for ordering passes has closed. You can still order Drinking Jars for another week or two, but all other products are unavailable. We’ll be sending out some reminders to RSVP for upcoming work parties in the near future. Stay tuned!

One thought on “Shop is Closed!

  1. Debra Clemans says:

    I signed up for a parking pass and SO when the system was first ready but at the time, I don’t recall any info or questions about shift preference. I kept waiting for an update about shift prefs and just now went back through my email where I see shifts mentioned. I may not have made any shift requests–oops.

    If I can have at least one morning shift on Friday or Saturday, that would be nice but I realize I’m late to make this request so I will roll with whatever works out.
    Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all at Fair.
    Debra Clemans

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