Dragon Gate

The “Dragon Gate” is the rear entrance to the Sesame Street Child Care lot. During Fair Hours this gate is attended at all times and only on-duty crew members and children with a special wristband are allowed to use this entrance.

Please read the following information carefully. If you have any questions, please contact a coordinator.

Dragon Gate Protocol

You must fill out this pre-registration form, or a paper form on site, providing contact information for yourself and up to two other adults who are allowed to check your children in/out of the Dragon Gate. Each child will be provided a special wristband that will allow them to use the Dragon Gate. No children will be allowed in without this wristband.

In/Out via Dragon Gate

When a child checks in to Child Care via the Dragon Gate they must also check out via the Dragon Gate as well. That is, they will not be allowed to exit via the main gate at the front of Child Care. Please make sure that any other authorized adults are aware of this. Children must check out where they checked in! If you check in via the normal Front Desk, your child will be issued a paper wristband and WILL NOT be allowed to exit via the Dragon Gate. If your child checks in via the Dragon Gate, they WILL NOT be allowed to check out via the Front Desk. It is very important that we adhere to this rule for safety reasons. No exceptions!

“Come and Go” Privileges

You must specifically indicate whether your child is allowed to “come and go” (self-checkout; check themselves in and out). This privilege is recommended for older children who are able to understand where they are and are not allowed to go in Fair. This privilege may be revoked at any time. If a child is not allowed to “come and go”, only yourself and the adults you have listed below are allowed to check the child in or out.


If you indicate your child is allowed to “come and go” (by typing the word “yes” next to the child’s name below), you agree that your child will be able to check in and out of Child Care, at the Dragon Gate ONLY, without you present. You have discussed with your child this responsibility and that they are aware of your expectations regarding where they are allowed to go within the Child Care campground or the Fair itself. You further agree to hold harmless OCF Child Care Crew staff, management, and the Oregon Country Fair should your child become lost. By clicking agree below you agree that you and your child retain sole responsibility for your child’s whereabouts.

Please enter the name, date of birth, and whether or not the child will be allowed to “come and go” on their own.