Winter Canoeing

If you want to figure out when the site is flooded and canoe-able, you can get the information in three easy web-browsing steps:

  1. Watch the 10-day NOAA forecast for a big rain event.
  2. Check the hour-by-hour record of precipitation at Eugene airport.

    Once the site is saturated, about 1.5” to 2” in 24-36 hours will bring the river level up.

  3. Check the USGS Long Tom River gauge at Noti.

    A gauge height reading of 10 feet is about bank-full at Strawberry Lane. At gauge readings above 13 feet there’s flooding through the paths, and water will be starting to rise above the bale dams in the 8. Perfect for canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up-paddle-boarding!

USE CAUTION! Watch for and avoid water hazards. When crossing over bale dams and gate chains a canoe can snag and tip over. Stay clear and away from snags, sweepers and logjams, and the swift and unexpected currents in and near the river.

EXERCISE SAFE BOATING PRACTICES! Always wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device)!

The Hub is an excellent place to park and put in. Paddle out Snivel/Smile Road/creek to Miss Piggy’s parking lot, known as Lake Wooten when it’s flooded.